Review: Tales of Vesperia (video game)

Review: Tales of Vesperia (video game)

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…bc goddamn ToV is too good. PS: Don’t let Flynn cook. EVER. And also that’s Patty, a PS3 exclusive playable character, but she’s largely unrelated to the story… so…

Ok I didn’t exactly play the game, but I’m thinking of getting the PS3 version even if it’s in Japanese. Have to figure out where to get it though. So. In order to fully appreciate and enjoy the soundtrack of Tales of Vesperia I watched TalesOfCreed’s let’s play on YouTube and man was it great! I spent every waking moment for 5 days watching all 123 episodes worth of story and battles. I’m tired, my body is tired but my mind? My mind never stops thinking. Also for once I didn’t spoil myself by skipping videos.

In this review I will only comment about the story aspect of the game, because like I said I don’t have the game.

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REVIEW: Tales of Graces f (video game)

REVIEW: Tales of Graces f (video game)

Originally written at 18/6/16

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It wasn’t until after I got most of the AC games that I bought ToGf. My shopping list after buying a new console has always been one, Final Fantasy; two, Tales; Three, Kingdom Hearts; and four, Assassin’s Creed. Followed by other JRPGs, then only the various games I’m thirsty about. I’ve been looking into PS3 Tales games, but they’re so scarce and sometimes the shopkeeper doesn’t even know what I want. So I did some research on my own and found a few titles (at least more than PS2). I’m still salty about Tales of Vesperia. Namco Bandai, release a localized PlayStation copy OK!

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Review: Tales of the Abyss (video game)

Review: Tales of the Abyss (video game)

Originally written at 9/9/15, PSA: how to find a decent picture??? IMPOSSIBLE


Tales of the Abyss was my first Tales game. I had exposure when the anime aired and my dad watched the first ep or so. Then when the PS2 babe came I got more exposure. I bought Tales of Legendia alongside TotA, but I played TotA first instead of ToL… I should be the other way round because ToL came before TotA! But I was so fixated on a game I’m more familiar with, I ignored ToL until like, during my second TotA playthrough idk?

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