Review: Your Lie in April (anime)

Review: Your Lie in April (anime)

Originally written at 11/11/15

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《四月は君の嘘》is a sensational piece from 2014 Fall anime, along with Akatsuki no Yona and some others. When I say it’s a sensational piece, I don’t usually watch them *ahemSNKahem* even when the hype is gone. But there’re people out there pestering me to watch it, and it ends with 22 episodes, so I don’t really think it’s a hassle… until when I can’t find time to watch it. When I plan to watch it though, the video format is wrong and keeps crashing my video player (or lag everything ugh) so I had to call my ‘backup’ aka person who pestered me to watch the series for help. And she uploaded the whole 22 episodes for me in a mere hour!

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