REVIEW: My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult (Book)

Originally written at 23/4/16

Current mood: I’m mad. Really mad.

My aunt was clearing her old book collection(She lent me To Kill a Mockingbird and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, both are awesome!) and told me to choose anything I wanted out of the pile before she gave them away. There are multiple thriller and mystery novels, but I didn’t take them because those are bad for my heart. I’ve heard of Jodi Picoult before, and the story seemed ok, so I took it and left it there on my shelf collecting dust. Then one holiday I was cleaning the dust-filled bookshelves and it seemed like a good idea to read it, so I did.

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Review: FANGIRL – Rainbow Rowell (Book)

Originally written at 26/3/16

Current mood: MY. HEART.

The first time I heard about the book was through Missy Dragon. We were all about our own fandoms back then (still do), and Fangirl looked like the book I would be interested… except the fact that it’s thick. English books were waaaaay off my charts back then, so I didn’t plan on buying it. Then came National Service and there was a girl with Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I was bored to death since I just finished Lord of the Rings and she kept praising the book for its ‘sweetness’ and ‘oooohh’s and ‘aaahhhhs’. I borrowed the book even before she finished it, then simply had my heart broken. Seriously. That book was so good I bought an original first edition copy myself along with Fangirl when I got back.

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