Review: Tales of Rebirth (video game)

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This is, once again, a review based on a lets play of ToR. Rebirth was never localized but it is infamous for its shouting meme. And what a shouting meme it was…

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Review: Tales of Vesperia (video game)

Review: Tales of Vesperia (video game)

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…bc goddamn ToV is too good. PS: Don’t let Flynn cook. EVER. And also that’s Patty, a PS3 exclusive playable character, but she’s largely unrelated to the story… so…

Ok I didn’t exactly play the game, but I’m thinking of getting the PS3 version even if it’s in Japanese. Have to figure out where to get it though. So. In order to fully appreciate and enjoy the soundtrack of Tales of Vesperia I watched TalesOfCreed’s let’s play on YouTube and man was it great! I spent every waking moment for 5 days watching all 123 episodes worth of story and battles. I’m tired, my body is tired but my mind? My mind never stops thinking. Also for once I didn’t spoil myself by skipping videos.

In this review I will only comment about the story aspect of the game, because like I said I don’t have the game.

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REVIEW: Tales of Graces f (video game)

REVIEW: Tales of Graces f (video game)

Originally written at 18/6/16

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It wasn’t until after I got most of the AC games that I bought ToGf. My shopping list after buying a new console has always been one, Final Fantasy; two, Tales; Three, Kingdom Hearts; and four, Assassin’s Creed. Followed by other JRPGs, then only the various games I’m thirsty about. I’ve been looking into PS3 Tales games, but they’re so scarce and sometimes the shopkeeper doesn’t even know what I want. So I did some research on my own and found a few titles (at least more than PS2). I’m still salty about Tales of Vesperia. Namco Bandai, release a localized PlayStation copy OK!

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REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (video game)

REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (video game)

Originally written at 18/5/16

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I bought the game alongside with my PS3 and FF13. Ahh a sequel. I remember when the website updated with recurring characters, and Hope was one of them, and he’s all grown up! I squealed. No kidding, squealed!! Adult Hope is sooo hot!!!! *fangirls*

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REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII (video game)

REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII (video game)

Originally written at 28/4/16

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When I first bought my PS3, Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel is a must have. So yeah, it’s my first PS3 game. I got up to Gran Pulse and stopped because there were too many side missions and I don’t want to go to Eden yet. But LR happened and I finished it… so maybe it’s time to finish it???

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Review: Mirror’s Edge (video game)

Review: Mirror’s Edge (video game)

Originally written at 11/11/15, PSA: I’m def going to spam this review with COLOURS and nobody can stop me

“We call ourselves Runners. We exist on the edge between the gloss and the reality: the mirror’s edge.”


Since Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be out on May 24th next year, I’ve decided to write a review on the game which caused me to frantically search every game store like a mad dog. I first heard about Mirror’s Edge in a video about top 10 hottest video game gals (seriously don’t judge) and the main character Faith was number 10. It piked my curiosity so I did research and that’s how I found Mirror’s Edge!

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Review: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (video game)

Review: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (video game)

Originally written at 14/10/15



When SE announced LR I was like ‘whaaat???’ because I’m not even finished with the prequels and came along the third installment which will forever close this trilogy, thank Etro! I usually wait for at least 6 months to a year before buying any PS3 games, CAUSE GAMES ARE EXPENSIVE DAMNIT!! However with LR I just couldn’t wait, I grabbed the game as soon as it was up for sale in the cheapest game store I could find. The reason is simple… what wouldn’t a fangirl do for her precious OTP which took THREE GAMES to actually get some private time together?! Huh?! I did it all for the OTP goodness! YES!

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