Review: Sakamichi no Apollon (anime)

Review: Sakamichi no Apollon (anime)

Current mood: BEST BROS 4 LYFE MAN

SnA was never in my watchlist to begin with. I stumbled upon a gif on tumblr and haha what do you know I’m really interested in what this anime was about. The captions for the gifset implies something bromance-y and me fujoshi heart is like ‘maybe this is good’. It was only 12 episodes but I was lazy to binge watch it so I went online for spoilers… and it totally ruined the mood for me. Turns out there’s a complex love triangle going on and I hate that very much. I put off the whole thing until the first day of my finals after the paper… I finished the whole thing to unwind.

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Review: Bakemono no Ko (movie)

Review: Bakemono no Ko (movie)

Current mood: SO COOOOL!!!!!

I already have this movie in my watch list for a long time now. I just keep putting off watching the thing cuz YOI and DIU are more important. In the end I played myself because I didn’t have time to watch anything… until recently. All my reports are finished, events are over, finals are near, but hey what’s the fun of finals if you don’t procrastinate?

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REVIEW: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (anime)

REVIEW: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (anime)

Originally written at 10/9/16

Current mood: I bet 10 dollars that he’ll tell that story. I bet 10 dollars that kid’s hers. I bet 10 dollars he’s gunna die next episode. I bet infinity dollars I’m going to cry like a baby.

Man, that’s a long ass title aint it? Even with the full kanji title I still dunno what it means. I can read the individual characters but this??? Nope. Like Tsuritama it’s not really popular, but not a dump anime either. It’s the only series I’m watching the same year it’s released (jjba not included). Why did I even watch it, I’m not into historical drama and tbh the first few episodes were boring as hell. Because everyone gifs the bromance (or romance, you never know) of the two mains in the first arc. So close together oh my! I’m dying to know whatever the story is about!

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Mecha anime: Music, ships, and the stupid reasons I watch them

Originally written at 18/8/16

The term Mecha may refer to both scientific ideas and science fiction genres that centers on robots or machines controlled by people. These machines vary great in size and shape, but are distinguished from vehicles by their humanoid or biomorphic appearance.

As the title suggests, in this post it’s all about mecha anime! If you didn’t read my most recent review about Voltron, I am not a mecha anime person. If I continued to watch a mecha series after its first 3 episodes you can bet there’s a stupid reason behind it. Now let us move on to the mecha anime I have seen since childhood! Entry number one:

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REVIEW: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (anime)

REVIEW: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (anime)

Originally written at 30/4/16

Current mood: I think my heart forgot to beat and my lungs forgot to breathe.

This was one of the more sensational series in the season, but aint nobody got time for that! Amberly suggested it long before it ended (episode 3 I guess?), and there are some twists and turns in tumblr, so you know the gist. Had to watch it! However my heart is not accustomed to thriller and mystery, so I had a really hard time keeping my cool while watching.

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