Quick Review: Moana, Rogue One, Yuri on Ice

I do realise one is not like the others and YOI deserves a whole post dedicated to itself, but everyone already knows whats happening so.

This recent Disney addition is nice to anticipate. Before this though I watched Gaijin Goombah’s cultural video abour OverWatch’s Roadhog and his Maui inspired skin. I do know Maui is a demigod who fished islands using his fishhook but apparently he is also a bratty and arrogant person?? Did I know that?

Life is being corrupted due to Maui’s stealing of the Heart of Te Fiti. Since the ocean chose Moana, she has to find Maui and deliver the heart to him so that he could return it to its place. Many creatures want the heart for its power, but the most dangerous of them all is Te Ka, a monster of Lava. It obstructs the very entrance to Te Fiti, and when Moana finally reach the top of the mountain, hoping to find Te Fiti lying there… she isn’t. She is gone. Moana realises Te Ka IS Te Fiti, just maybe a little corrupted. She returns the heart to Te Fiti, life is restored, Maui gets a new fishhook, Moana’s people get to be wayfinders again!

20 minutes into the movie and I’m already crying. JFC. Also I’m disappointed that it’s the chicken that gets more screen time. I thought Pua the pig is the animal sidekick. The songs are great, especially the ones sung in native language.

I was not that excited to watch this one until I found out that Mads Mikkelsen (who is in Kojima’s Death Stranding) is cast and I’m like??? Sign me up??? Rogue One addresses the events that lead to A New Hope in Star Wars. I never stopped to ask where the Death Star blueprints come from but oh well. This movie is going to explain it all!

Jyn Erso is the daughter of Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen), an Imperial scientist working on the Death Star. He has placed a flaw in the weapon, but in order to pinpoint the location of the flaw blueprints would be needed. He sends an Imperial pilot with his message to Saw Gerrera, a war veteran, in hopes he will stop the weapon for him. Meanwhile Jyn is freed by the Rebel Alliance from Empire prison, but for a reason: they were informed about a weapon of mass destruction built by her father. If she helps them find him they will grant her freedom. She agrees.

At Saw’s place Jyn and Saw watch the hologram message left by Galen before the place goes to ruin. They find Galen at his research facility where Rebels come and shoot the place up, killing imperial architects and soldiers, including Galen. Jyn tells the Alliance about the flaw and blueprints but most of the council is like ‘meh u want us to believe an imperial scientist no way’. Since the Alliance can’t do nothing without a majority vote, Jyn takes matters on her own hands and goes to get the blueprints herself. Accompanied by companions and some rogue rebels, Jyn locates the blueprint and transmits it to the Alliance battleship, knowing full well that she and her comrades won’t make it out alive. And they did not.

The blueprint is then given to a princess all of us are familiar with. Roll credits!!!

Rogue One is a great movie. Darth Vader is in there and he chokes a person how awesome can it get? There is also a brief mention of Obi Wan in the Rebel Alliance by Bail Organa. Miss Dragon says her dad thinks its bad but??? How is it bad? You have all the references, Darth Vader appears and has dialogue??? Princess Leia appears at the end???

Also I don’t expect myself to cry in Rogue One even though everyone dies. Tears started flowing at the end when I recognized Princess Leia and she turned around and I was like “WHHHAAAAAAAA” and sobbing. Feelings man, they are complicated.

If you think I have pretty screenshots of this anime: no I don’t. I can find some GIFs tho but no thanks. YOI tells the story of Japanese figure skater surname Katsuki given name Yuuri and his career as well as his relationship with his idol, 5-time champion Russian figure skater god Victor Nikiforov.

YOI at first glance, when it was announced looked like your typical fanservice sports anime. As much as I enjoy Free!, the show was embarrassing to watch. The first few episodes were really fanservice-y. Victor showing his ass, Victor flashing everything in the onsen, Victor being too close for comfort with Yuuri… I cursed myself for watching even though I know it’s fanservice, but Kubo-sensei proved all of us wrong because…

It’s not fanservice. It’s gay. Yeah it’s gay. So gay that it almost broke the internet. The build up is slow and unexpected because I didn’t think it was real. That they kissed. After that it’s official they are most definitely lovers. Only then we see the subtle signs and the way the characters talk episodes before: how Yuuri views Victor from literal god to equals in a span of a few episodes, how he doesn’t mind all the physical contact… and his theme for that years’ GPF: love. Some people are still in denial about their relationship but Kubo-sensei shut them up by giving us marriage proposals, more PDA, engagement rings, more PDA, and best yet, a prologue as to why Victor would want to coach Yuuri ‘all of a sudden’, plus Yuuri pole dancing in his underwear and drunk grinding on Victor. Basically it’s Victor falling head over heels for Yuuri after a dance.

Also, this:

And I appreciate Kubo-sensei and the team’s effort on making YOI a reality. 2016 is truly saved by great fictional things.

I’m torn between putting the OP or the insert song so have both.


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