Originally written at 12/9/16

Quick review because I don’t think I have much to write.

I am so late to this party. I already know what’s in store for me but I’m just watching it for the feels. Boy was it an emotional ride. The parents’ relationship is beautiful, it’s not graphic (but I thought of omegaverse bc I’m full of sin) and it made me go ‘awwww’ until I remembered that wolf will die and I changed to ‘NOOOOOO!!!!’ The sad thing about this movie is not the struggles of the mother to protect her children, it is that they have to choose how to live their lives. The two of them tries to convince the other to live as a human and as a wolf respectively. The son used to be so unsure of his wolf side it is still a mystery how one accident can change his whole demeanor. The daughter on the other hand used to be more active as a wolf but soon decided to live as a human. It is sad that they can only choose one of the two, to live as a human or a wolf, but not both. It makes me think of people with mixed descent, but they cannot identify as any of their heritage because they are not ‘black enough’ or ‘too fair’ or they can only identify as one of their heritage but not both. It’s sad. Of course you can identify as anything you wish but some people will always have something to say, so fuck them, be whatever you want to be.

I did not plan to watch this one in theaters because dad will download it sooner or later… if not for tumblr. Kubo seems to have fairly positive reviews but its box office sucks as hell so to show my support I watched it during an outing with a friend. I had my tissues ready because every animated film I’ve seen has made me cry and I doubt Kubo will be an exception. Kubo’s a little kid with no dad, his mom has lost her mind and he makes money by his magic musical storytelling. He is warned to return home before sundown but one day he lingers too long and as the moon hangs in the sky ghostly figures (I kid you not, ghostly figure complete with ghostly music and ghostly chants of “Kubo…”, and suddenly the ghostly figure splits into TWO ghostly figures like what in the world am I watching is this a horror movie goddamn) chase him down but not before his mother realizing he is in danger and comes to the rescue. She sends Kubo away and sacrifices herself to save her son.

Kubo wakes to the call of a monkey, travels to find two sacred pieces of armor and a sword to defeat the Moon King. He meets a beetle with amnesia on the way and they fight the ghostly figures, who are Kubo’s aunts. They are here to retrieve Kubo’s other eye. The monkey is revealed to be none other than Kubo’s mom in temporary form, and the beetle? Kubo’s supposed-to-be-dead dad. Of course. Of course. If you thought Kung Fu Panda was confusing already with a goose having a panda for a son, have fun explaining how Kubo has a beetle and a monkey for parents. So the two aunts get rekt, Kubo’s parents die (of course), and he rekts the Moon King so hard with ghosts the Moon King gets amnesia and becomes a human. How’s that?

I already knew Kubo’s mom is a god of some sort bc who comes down from the heavens to kill a mortal and falls in love with said human? It’s like Altair and Vega all over again, except this time everybody dies. What the movie depicted was true in most cultures: that gods are emotionless pricks and think humans are trash. Well, we are trash but you bloody gods don’t have a say on what we are because you made us like this (SICK BURN). All and all it’s an awesome movie, Laika studios did a great job, but I was disappointed the voice cast did not feature more Asian talents.

I was hoping to see some slice-of-life or school life but instead I got fishing tutorials. Can’t say I’m upset though.

Tsuritama is… bizarre (cue the music!!!) to say the least. At first I was like, “oh, looks like slice-of-life, let’s see…” then it turned out to be “no way what is this where did this alien plot come from”. Tsuritama is about this guy (Yuki) who subconsciously makes an ugly face when anxious. He gets dragged into fishing business by a self-proclaimed alien (Haru) and learns to do so by Natsuki aka Fishing Prince. Akira is a mysterious agent observing Haru the alien. But we all know who the real star of the show is: Tapioca the duck.

Basically the next best thing after Advent Children. Took them 11 years ha!

Kingsglaive received mixed reviews from movie-goers: those who said it was bad CLEARLY did not realize its purpose as exposition. Like, damn! They go all, “oh this looks pretty lets watch it” with no idea what the movie is about. Cliffhanger ending? Well shucks, you uncultured human! One does not simply go see a movie without research!

So basically Kingsglaive expands on the events that happen in the crown city while Noctis is off with his bros to meet Luna, his betrothed. While Luna is supposed to be escorted to Altissia (to meet Noctis), the plan fails and the princess is forced to go to the crown city Insomnia. Enemy troops attack the city. Nyx, a refugee and part of the king’s glaive (cue the music!), is tasked with the princess’ safety. Conspiracies unfold and the princess is out of the wreck hurt, but a-okay. The crown city of Insomnia falls alongside with its king. Luna continues her journey to meet Noctis alone.

Tl;dr, everyone save for crouching guy and Luna dies, the kings of old are assholes.

After seeing this movie its time to watch the anime Brotherhood! The final episode comes out soon this month! Brotherhood explains more on Noctis’ childhood flashbacks and past relationships with his bros. After that do yourself a favor and buy the game when it comes out. I heard it spans 10 years… so everyone gets a goatee (or beard)! It took SE 10 years to finally finish this goddamn game, we fans hope it is worth the wait.

I can’t even believe it is happening. The game started out as Final Fantasy versus XIII and features a really different Noctis & co. with Lunafreya’s predecessor, Stella. It was just three years ago Stella’s role was scrapped, and just when she got a new CG render in E3 too…

Final Fantasy XV for PS4 and Xbox One is coming out on 29th of November 2016.


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