Originally written at 10/7/15


Assassin’s Creed III just came out when I first had an interest in the AC franchise, but I didn’t buy it because it’s new and new meant expensive. I bought the older ones first before tending to AC3, and GOD that was the right decision.

Assassin’s Creed III features a new character, Ratonhnhaké:ton (haha it’s a mouthful ra-don-ha-ge-don), in which you don’t get to play as him… yet. First we meet an Englishman by the name Haytham, who boards a ship to the new world aka AMURICA!!!! to find some artifact, and you get to see Haytham fall for a bad-ass indigenous woman (native American) and she, him. Desmond sees the awkward moment where they make out in a sacred place and I don’t even know, little Ratonhnhaké:ton popped out of after a night’s affair and Haytham left, forever (well, not forever, but I’m being dramatic here!) It’s a sad main character backstory where little Raton’s village get burned down and his mother just… died in the fire. He watched his mother burn alive in the fire WTF.

Raton grows into a hot teenager, and ole granma elder instructs him to find Achilles, a former assassin. Achilles tells Raton to leave, but he persists, and so old man assassin agrees to train him. By then all of us had already had Ratonhnhaké:ton burned into our minds, and Achilles finds it a mouthful too, so he gave him a new alias: Connor, in honor of his dead son. He trains Connor and the time has come to face the truth: There are a total of five Templars he needs to assassinate to save his people. And his father, Haytham the Grand Master, being one of them.

Achilles takes Connor to Boston, and there he meets his father Haytham for the first time, and Haythem sees Connor too, and knows very well that he’s an assassin. Haytham could have killed his own son by then, but no he didn’t. Connor grows some more, runs around liberating Boston and New York, killing all his targets except Charles Lee who ALWAYS manage to escape from his grasp. Haytham meets Connor again, and here’s where it gets interesting. Templar and Assassin team up to kill one of Connor’s targets, and Haytham wants the guy dead too because he is a traitor to the order. Father and son bonding doesn’t go quite as expected, but nevertheless those moments are precious. Charles Lee messes up Connor’s best friend, and Connor has no choice but to kill him. His best friend WTF. Connor continues to pursue Charles, but Haytham had already sent him away. Connor kills Haytham. His father WTF.

Connor goes after Charles and manages to injure him. Charles escaped (again), but not far. Connor finds him slumped in an inn and without any resistance from Charles, kills him and leaves. Connor may have helped George Washington gain independence for AMURICA!!!! but he lost his friend, his people, his home, his father and his mentor. What good is there to that?

In modern day timeline Desmond finds a way to save the planet from our infamous 21/12/2012, and he dies. Desmond’s legacy will live on!

My thoughts: You can’t describe everything about a game because that will be ridiculous. Most of the missions in this game were all about assassinating historical figures (except Haytham) who obstruct George Washington’s way to gaining independence for AMURICA!!!… and the bonuses in this game are always about Haytham and Connor’s interactions. Darn everything about them is so funny and sad it’s making my heart ache so much since the Auditore family public execution! And if you want extra feels, go ahead and look for the Forsaken novel and read the last journal entry of Haytham E. Kenway.

Programming: 7.5. I heard there were a lot of glitches, but apart from the rag doll physics (which were hilarious btw) I didn’t encounter any other ones like the horse riding into oblivion or something… Graphics are ok, just that Desmond looks a lot more boney and alien-like compared to the last few installments…

Gameplay: 5, because the combat system took me three years to master and I’m not even done with using rope darts. Controls are complicated and horse-riding sucks. There are no factions, and I loved the factions, I don’t have enough money to throw at people’s face and the redcoats love attacking me when all I did was stand there doing NOTHING. I could’ve put a 3 for this, but the naval missions made me feel bad-ass and most importantly I LOVED the ‘pet animal’ option! That was literally the best thing that ever happened to the AC franchise. Bonus points for the hunting feature.

Story: A solid 9. Feels come first, Connor being a babe and Desmond’s sacrifice in the end. Whose idea was it to include the Haytham and Ziio scenes, give them an award. Give one to the person who thought of the Kenway’s father-son interactions. And also to the one who made Connor’s life so tragic.

Soundtrack: 6. Because it’s epic enough to give me the ‘freedom’ feel but I can’t always hear them in-game.

Overall rating: 7, because of the ‘pet animal’ option again. I’m a new generation AC fan, since I started from AC: Bro, so I can’t say much, but the figure seems appropriate as I haven’t finished the original AC that started it all. AC3 was said to be the last ‘playable’ game, since the games after Desmond’s death were all rushed and too similar. Maybe because it’s hard to rewind back to the older days when all you wanna do now is feature new weapons and tools to the players. *sigh*


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