Prologue (?)

In our world, the Earth, in a small country… a place where many cultures meet and mesh and reform. A place where everyone is a polyglot. Somewhere, in the world, where people in the United States and Europe thought to be uncivilized. It is mostly unheard, which makes a perfect place for a refugee to hide from his captors and build his empire unnoticed.

In the city of Aerilon, the heart of its state. There lived a family of influence, those who operate the International Huley Group. The family has roots in China, and it is rumored that their ancestors are the unholy offspring of fox demons. But the statement is never confirmed.

Putting baseless gossip aside, Aerilons’ Section Ei is peaceful and quiet, and is also where said family lives. It is not hard to see a connection between the Huley Group and the Foxyl-Yue family, to be honest.

Chaos is always around the corner when the Foxyl-Yue family is involved. While most people would think to stick up to rich folks, this particular family has people avoiding them like contagious disease. They have been living there for almost 200 years, but people don’t want nothing to do with a mob boss.

How do Foxyl children live? It is a mystery.


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