Review: Skip Beat! (Chp 1~221)

Originally written 21/3/15


So I was bored and darn I accidentally watched a few Taiwanese live action Skip Beat! clips on Youtube and I just… WOW. I tried to recall the story and failed, so I thought, “Why not just re-read the whole manga?” and I regretted it. I should have just bought the whole series (it’s less than 2 dollars a volume, why not?) I should stop rambling about buying the manga and go on to the review… shall we?

If you don’t know already, the story focuses on Mogami Kyouko aka KYOUKO on her journey to fame and success in the showbiz world. Unfortunately, her motive to be in showbiz is to bite Fuwa Shou’s ass for treating her like rags/maid/whatever. Of course the reason I wanted to re-read the series was not this, I already knew the backstory… Then she meets Tsuruga Ren (that bishie), the ‘charming, handsome and kind’ senpai that ‘helps’ her in times of need. Both of them are like, “I dislike your motives for being in showbiz” and “It’s my business, what do you care”. A rough start for both of them.

Let’s go on… Kyouko realizes that she is doing something she likes in showbiz, rather than doing for the sake of someone else. Her goal to beat Fuwa Sho is still there, but it doesn’t really matter to her anymore. Plot twists come in, the previous owner or Corn, Kyouko’s precious stone is revealed to be Ren, and the no.1 actor somehow falls for the newbie talent. Story goes on where Sho thinks, “Wow, I’d never thought that rag I dumped could be this HAWT”, and Ren keeps acting like some idiot in love (he is in love, pardon).

The Dark Moon episode was the turning point, I guess. It made me fangirl all over the place. This is when the ‘I FEEL U BRO’ phrase comes in, where I can understand what Ren is going through. His past is hinted several times at this point, and becomes more significant after the car chase incident in Dark Moon. Note that Kyouko and Ren had a moment there AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Ren becomes more bold, but Mary Sue doesn’t appear to realize his feelings, Yashiro-san (Ren’s manager) gets frustrated at their constant ‘we’re intimate but not dating’ crap (though it’s more one-sided).

The president decided to help Ren on overcoming his past in his next gig, where they act as the Heel siblings. Kyouko as the sister with the huge brother complex and Ren as the doting brother… and things happen. As if crashing into the bathroom when someone’s showering isn’t enough, skinship becomes relevant and I gotta tell you when that chapter was released fans SCREAMED. And the author was being a cockblocker by making us wait for the next chapter on what they’ll do next. AND WHAT HAPPENED DID NOT DISAPPOINT, to me at least.

Kyouko falls for Ren, but she swore to never love again, so she locked up her feelings and act as if never happened (I FEEL U BRO), while Ren keeps his feelings to himself because of his guilt and tragic past and depression (sorry). NOW IT’S TWO-SIDED!!!! Currently we’re dealing with Kyouko’s bitch mom, sorry for saying this but who treats their own child like trash? Even people who send their children to orphanages feel guilty and sad! That woman is one ice-cold bitch man.

So we’ve confirmed the two’s feelings, Sho’s still trying to get Kyouko back (Only know you love her when you let her go~), Yashiro-san is still frustrated, so the question is: how will their love grow? I hope the author doesn’t find some stereotypical shoujo way to make them confess. They have wounds and scars on their hearts, so I hope there’ll be some depth to the cheesy part…

My thoughts: TSURUGA REN IS HAWT. HIS SMILE IS PERFECT HIS BODY IS HOLY CHRIST, I DON’T EVEN… I get flustered every time the manga reveals all of his glory to the world. His blushing is occasional, so when I see it I GLOMP IT. AHHHHH I HATE IT WHEN AUTHORS DO THAT TO ME, CREATING SOME PERFECT BISHIE AND MAKING ME FALL FOR THEM and he becomes an idiot when it comes to Kyouko it’s just TOO CUTE!!!

Overall the manga’s good, the showbiz plot (to me) is considered realistic, with all the hardships child stars go through, people with really bad acting (true), and copycats in the industry. However the story is really really REALLY slow, in which one event can span about 3 chapters! I remember when the new scans are released I would tell my friend K, “Hey, the new Skip Beat! is out, have you read it?” and if she said no, I will give her some spoilers, if she said yes, we would complain about the author dragging on the chapters as if it were Taiwanese Hokkien drama. I’m not even kidding, one series can drag on to 300~800 episodes!

I sincerely hope that the author will not make me regret reading this series, because I really love the art (Ren especially) and the characters and the humor. Since I am done with this review, I guess it’s time to catch up on UsoLily! Farewell!


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