Originally written at 2/7/15

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Hyouka. I finished this before The Garden of Words, but the thought of writing a review for this never occurred to me. I’ve watched half of this anime when it first came out with my dad. Then again I was bored and Tokyo Ghoul and April is Your Lie is giving me a hard time watching anything at all! Fricking encoding… Some episodes I remember, some I do not.

Hyouka stars a young man, Oreki, who is a self-proclaimed ‘energy conservation plant’. High school starts and as usual, he conserves his energy. One day he receives a letter from his sister, claiming that the Classics Club is crumbling soon for they lack members, so she orders him to join the club to save it from disbanding. Oreki did as he was told and joined the club, only to meet someone already in the clubroom. She introduces herself as Chitanda, and she’s REALLY curious about everything. Oreki can brush her question off, but he can’t because apparently her eyes can ‘capture’ him. Or in other words, he cannot resist her eyes… Thus begins the Classics Clubs’ mystery solving (or basically just Chitanda being curious about every single thing, and Oreki cannot refuse).

After seeing Oreki’s fantastic detective skills, Chitanda asks him out… but not a date ok. It seemed like a date, but the producers are just messing with our head. The reason behind her joining the Classics Club was to… uncover the words her grand-uncle (or uncle I totally forgot) regarding the Classics Club. She hopes that with Oreki’s brilliant deductions she could remember what he said to her when she was young. The words that made her cry for no reason. And— Oreki accepts! Alongside with Ibara and outgoing Fuku-chan, they start making up theories about Chitanda’s uncle, and they obtain important information by reading the Classics Club’s yearly anthology (or something, idk), and the mystery behind it’s name, “Hyouka”. They make very very dark speculations about what happened to Chitanda’s uncle and I was getting a bit scared that the series will suddenly turn into horror or something, but no. They soon uncover the truth and Hyouka was actually just a lame English pun for “I scream”. LOL, I figured that one out when Chitanda said “Ice cream????”

School festival’s around the corner and Irisu senpai asks for the Classics Club (more specifically, Oreki) to help her decide on the ending for their clubs’ short film. After watching the first part, then they proceed to hear what those self-proclaimed detectives have to say, and Chitanda rejected them all. There were a few key points acquired, but then Oreki went ahead and made the wrong ending. Chitanda, Ibara and Fuku-chan all felt off about the ending, and then Oreki realized he was being used by Irisu-senpai to alter the ending from what the script writer originally had in mind. But what’s done is done. Oreki reconsiders his conclusion and came up with the true ending for Chitanda, one that is very different, but probably the closest to what the script writer wanted in the first place. And so, the school festival starts.

The real fun starts during the school festival God help me. The Classics Club ordered too many copies of their anthology and had to sell them all, things get stolen from various clubs, and Chitanda gets curious again, Oreki cannot resist, thus was dragged into the nonsense. Fuku-chan was unexpectedly eager to catch the thief red-handed, and so he did some patrolling and came up with theories, but Oreki said no to them all. Conflict occurs in Ibara’s Manga Club and whatddaya know, things are related to each other! The thief succeeds in completing his task and Hyouka-the anthology- was sold out on the final day. Fuku-chan actually feels inferior to Oreki because obvious intelligent reasons?

Soon after the school festival was over Oreki and Chitanda play a game, in which Oreki intends to make the wrong guess and let Chitanda’s trust in his detective skills waver… but that didn’t work out. Valentines day came and Ibara and Fuku-chan has issues, but somehow dragged Chitanda along, Oreki solved it, relationship still didn’t progress, but nevermind. New years, Oreki and Chitanda get stuck in a shed, came out fine, end of story. By the way Oreki has feelings for Chitanda. Probably.

My thoughts: Damn my review on this anime was short huh, I don’t know what to write about this actually. Maybe because I wrote this review like, 2 weeks after I finished the series? The feel of the anime is gone. Overall the story and art is good, in a slice-of-life fashion. Relaxing to watch, not a lot of suspense and won’t get you laughing till you get stomach cramps. Not really for thrill-seekers and those who have exams coming. I’m serious, I watched this till 11pm on Sunday and I took a rushed bath before going to bed straight after! That was on my exam week too! Don’t you worry about seeing a Mary Sue in this anime because Chitanda sure as hell aint one, no matter how she sounds or looks or behaves. She’s just lady-like with class, you know?

As in “You can’t escape”


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