Originally written at 31/3/15

I had heard of its awesomeness by an artist in tumblr. She (literally) made the anime her king, but I paid no attention, because I’m afraid to invest too much time into sports animanga. While I was browsing for yaoi to read, and there’s none, I came across the doujinshi. And no fangirl can say no to a doujinshi. So I read it. Then read more, and I can’t stop. All of the doujinshis I read are kagehina, and all of them were unlike the previous doujinshis. THEY WERE SO DARN FLUFFY AND I LOVE IT but I think the reason was because the stories clicked with me most since I have experienced painful unrequited love (LOL). To make myself more eligible as a fan, I decided to watch the anime! End of prologue!

The main main protags are Kageyama Tobio and Hinata Shoyo. Both are volleyball players. One is a genius while the other is a raw diamond. Kageyama, the genius is the ‘arrogant king/dictator’ who was once abandoned by his teammates. Hinata, the raw diamond, is… full of potential. He did not have the opportunity to train and learn volleyball from professionals because he’s the only member in the club in junior high. The two met in a tournament, bickered, and part ways. However Lady Fate decided that “Hey, why not let these two meet in the same school” and voila! The rivals meet… in Karasuno High.


The school is labelled as a ‘fallen crow’. But as the world cycle is, the strong have their downtimes, and they will rise again sometime later. There’s this hot captain (whom I fell for), amazing Suga-senpai (mommy), and thug senpai who likes to be called senpai. Other notable characters include shorty cute senpai who likes to be called senpai, old man ace, tall-but-annoying Tsukki, and just-fer-fun freckles guy.
Hot damn captain… (but you know, I have a thing for guys with the nerd haircut)
Suga-senpai mommy~
My all-time-fave Nishinoya-senpai! (shorty-cute senpai)

Hinata and Kageyama stopped bickering and became friends. Together they developed an amazing skill that will be the teams’ trump card — the God Fast Spike. Kageyama uses his signature toss while Hinata spikes it down with his amazing jump and speed. Of course, Hinata’s still a raw diamond so he needs more polishing; Kageyama needs to use his genius skills to coordinate with everybody. With this they’ll (probably) become a strong team and compete in nationals. Like every sports animanga ever, they win the first few practice matches and the first one or two official matches, then taste defeat on the third or fourth round. They amaze their opponent with their trump card and change tactics as soon as the other side is defending against Hinata. This won’t work on the same opponent twice though.

First they go against Aoba Johsai(rly? AOBA?! I LITERALLY PUKED MYSELF). Kageyama’s senior Oikawa is a setter there and he’s sadistic I gotta tell you. Gives me the creeps. They beat the team just cause Oikawa wasn’t there to play. Close call. Second was just a match between old guys and youngsters, with the Libero and Ace and new coach and graduate seniors there to witness the God Fast Spike. Third was an old rival school Nekoma. In this practice match the team learned useful tricks and made new friends. The two teams are finally becoming rivals again. After that they competed for nationals. Hot Captain meets his old friend in the first match, and they managed to beat “The Iron Wall”, in which Asahi (old man ace) regains his confidence and love for volleyball. Finally the anime ends when Aoba beats Karasuno… they wail for a day, and stand again.

My thoughts: Of course, it doesn’t end there! The manga continues with awesome practice matches and amazing new techniques! But then, to get the true hype you’ll need to see it in action… Hinata needs a lot of assurance from his teammates just cause he thinks he can’t do it well, but hey, volleyball’s not a one-man show! However like all stereotype protags, Hinata has unlimited potential, and these will gradually show through the course of the manga. There are not many female charas in the anime, only their beautiful manager Kiyoko-san, but that woman is a tough person too. Anyone who can keep up with thug senpai and shorty senpai is awesome! Also it’ll be interesting to see how the team is going to grow after the third-years leave, and the next batch of first-years come in. Will the four simple-minded idiot high-schoolers grow anymore? I hope not. It’s nice watching them getting all excited over a point and screaming “WWWHHHHUUUUOOOOO!!!!!” all the time! There’s also all the bonding scenes, where everyone’s like “we’re opponents, but off the court we’re friends” and they teach each other new tricks and practice together, giving ecah other motivation to grow stronger and work harder.

Then there’s shipping! The obvious is obvious, but Tsukki doesn’t get paired up with freckles-guy though. GAH who cares?! The KageHina doujinshis are always so darn fluffy, I’m starting to feel jealous! Old man ace and shorty senpai are more like bromance to me(partially because I won’t share senpai with anyone) and captain… captain I’ll only ship with Suga-senpai mommy, because 1, I keep captain for myself; 2, only Suga mommy is qualified (my standards)!

I can’t stop smiling while watching every single episode and I don’t know why! The manga has same effect! I didn’t know sports animanga could be THIS addicting! I had KNB on hold already, as soon as I finish Kekkashi and KHR I’m gonna hammer down on that one! Because of this anime I’ve regained my love for manga. I bought three volumes in an old comic store(which I haven’t been to since I was like, 12?!) after visiting a university campus in KL. It’s too bad that they don’t have the 3 books for 12 offer anymore in ANY SHOP WHICH KILLS ME!!!! Manga used to be so cheap with that offer! I could buy the whole series if not for the upcoming goods tax …(they say books do not have a price increase, but leisure mags and probably manga don’t count as books) I mean last time Gempak’s black and white comics used to be around 7 bucks but has now increased to 10?! What will be of the colored ones?!

Well, for the closing, I have a special video found in tumblr as a prelude for those who intend to watch the anime. Remember kids, the protag may be clumsy, but he’s a raw diamond, full of unlimited potential.


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