Originally written at 10/6/15

Current mood: I’m laughing stock.

I read the manga before watching the anime. I read the manga before it was famous (thank me I’m your awesome senpai). But I never considered the anime because it is my principle to read the manga before the anime, and the novel before the manga. However considering I have Death Parade and most likely I’ll be watching that first, and Miss Dragon there and Tumblr had implied it’ll be heartbreaking, so my treatment after feels train was the laugh-out-loud GSNK!

First, this is a comedy animanga. Guaranteed to make you laugh like some idiot. Second, this animanga is not as hardcore as Gintama, but almost as ridiculous for their ‘parodies’. Third, you’ll have to admit ‘SAME’ or ‘TRUE’ at some point of an episode.

The story starts with Chiyo who decides one day that “IMMA GUNNA CONFESS TO THE GUY I LIKE!” which is Nozaki, but she ended up using the wrong phrase. Instead of a simple “I like you!”, she said “I’m your fan!” (or the equivalent) and in return Nozaki signed an autograph for her using his pen name as a shoujo mangaka. And Chiyo is stoned. She then begins to help Nozaki as his assistant. From there on she meets new people while helping Nozaki in his work. She is in charge of the inking, also called beta, but idk.

Mikorin – Full name Mikoshiba Mikoto(double the miko!) He’s the forever-alone guy in the series (probably). As reference for Nozaki’s main character, he is what I call the best of both genders LOL. He gets all flustered like a naive girl by his own cheesy lines and sometimes gets to carried away to act like a maiden in love. At first Chiyo doesn’t see the resemblance, but then she got stoned… again. Mikorin helps Nozaki with his work too, but not too often. He is in charge of anything flowery and sparkly~ Mikorin IS the female protagonist of ANY shoujo manga, especially if they have a little tsundere touch.

Seo – Full name Seo Yuzuki. Yuzuki by Chiyo. She’s the most tomboyish and rude girl you’ll ever meet! Let’s hope you don’t really meet one in real life. Usually paired with Waka, her kouhai. Despite that she has an awesome singing voice, and is labeled as ‘Lorelei of the Choir Club’. Quite dense, she is. In fact she planned to blurt out something as inappropriate as “Hey, I’m wearing that lame ass pink bra you picked for me, your fashion sense sucks!” She might be a genderbent version of the ‘bad boy’ stereotype. Really brash and unusually good in sports, offends everyone but still has friends, and has a really nice body (Yes, I mean it, her body is every girls’ dream).

Hori-senpai – Full name Hori Masayuki. The great drama club’s president. It is confirmed he uses gel to style his bangs every morning. He’s good in acting and props and all, but Hori has one flaw — his height. Topping at only 164cm, he might be taller than sunshine volleyball bae, but he is still shorter than all the male cast of GSNK. Usually paired with Kashima, his kouhai in the club. He is in charge of drawing backgrounds for Nozaki. His fave type of girl is one with nice legs, and yes I’m heavily implying something here. After much researching he is most probably the genderbent version of the ‘glasses girl/class rep/serious braids’ who looks out for that one person who keeps skipping school and to drag them back. They have a violent side to them too.

Kashima – Full name Kashima Yuu. The prince who never fails to make any girl swoon. However it’s a girl. Mikorin’s best buddy, because both of them are kind of smooth-talkers. She’s as tall as most guys, and so she takes male roles in all her dramas (mostly princes). Usually paired with Hori, and I can’t put into words about how much I love this pairing. Her loyalty towards Hori is undefined. Funny thing is, she likes to please and annoy him at the same time! She is the genderbent version of the ‘prince’ stereotype in shoujo manga. Good-looking, smooth-talker and flirty but loyal to only one person and last but not least good in both academics and sports… except the fact she’s tone deaf.

Waka – Full name Wakamatsu Hirotaka. Waka is simply the name Seo conveniently calls him. He’s a sweet guy, that’s all I can say. Usually paired with Seo. Seo is the cause for his insomnia, but that problem of his is solved by Lorelei’s singing, so basically she is his burden and his cure. Waka keeps saying that Seo mistreats him, but he doesn’t deny the fact that she buys him stuff and hangs out with him all the time. He even admits it! So basically their relationship is a love-hate one I guess. At first he helps Nozaki with erasing, but when Chiyo and Hori did a really bad job in tone work he adopted the skill. He is probably the ‘sports cutie’ stereotype. He excels in anything PE and sports, and is naive… like Hina-(wrong anime sorry). Waka is the only one I cannot really relate very well because his character is too general…

Well then, now that we’ve finished the character introductions, lets move on to my opinion!

My thoughts: The manga is funny but the anime? HILARIOUS! In this anime you can ship whoever you want, there are no serious plots, no heartache or feels train, so it’s awesome! You can watch each episode individually without worrying about missing anything (maybe a few character introductions, but its fine). I think whatever’s on my mind I have already said in the intro, so moving on! It’s poll time! These are official results, by the way! For most popular character…. goes to Mikorin! Second place went to Hori-senpai which was a surprise! Up next is most popular couple! OHHHH you won’t believe this! My OTP got first place YAY! And the mangaka even drew us some eye-candy! That’s what I implied when I said Hori likes girls with nice legs! I can’t stop fangirling!!!!! Results can be found here~ I strongly recommend! Read the manga! Watch the anime! LAUGH OUT LOUD!


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