REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (video game)

REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (video game)

Originally written at 18/5/16

Current mood: Stop screaming Serah, stand and fight properly jfc.

I bought the game alongside with my PS3 and FF13. Ahh a sequel. I remember when the website updated with recurring characters, and Hope was one of them, and he’s all grown up! I squealed. No kidding, squealed!! Adult Hope is sooo hot!!!! *fangirls*

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REVIEW: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (anime)

REVIEW: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (anime)

Originally written at 30/4/16

Current mood: I think my heart forgot to beat and my lungs forgot to breathe.

This was one of the more sensational series in the season, but aint nobody got time for that! Amberly suggested it long before it ended (episode 3 I guess?), and there are some twists and turns in tumblr, so you know the gist. Had to watch it! However my heart is not accustomed to thriller and mystery, so I had a really hard time keeping my cool while watching.

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REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII (video game)

REVIEW: Final Fantasy XIII (video game)

Originally written at 28/4/16

Current mood: MY HANDS!!!!!

When I first bought my PS3, Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel is a must have. So yeah, it’s my first PS3 game. I got up to Gran Pulse and stopped because there were too many side missions and I don’t want to go to Eden yet. But LR happened and I finished it… so maybe it’s time to finish it???

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REVIEW: My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult (Book)

Originally written at 23/4/16

Current mood: I’m mad. Really mad.

My aunt was clearing her old book collection(She lent me To Kill a Mockingbird and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, both are awesome!) and told me to choose anything I wanted out of the pile before she gave them away. There are multiple thriller and mystery novels, but I didn’t take them because those are bad for my heart. I’ve heard of Jodi Picoult before, and the story seemed ok, so I took it and left it there on my shelf collecting dust. Then one holiday I was cleaning the dust-filled bookshelves and it seemed like a good idea to read it, so I did.

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Review: FANGIRL – Rainbow Rowell (Book)

Originally written at 26/3/16

Current mood: MY. HEART.

The first time I heard about the book was through Missy Dragon. We were all about our own fandoms back then (still do), and Fangirl looked like the book I would be interested… except the fact that it’s thick. English books were waaaaay off my charts back then, so I didn’t plan on buying it. Then came National Service and there was a girl with Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I was bored to death since I just finished Lord of the Rings and she kept praising the book for its ‘sweetness’ and ‘oooohh’s and ‘aaahhhhs’. I borrowed the book even before she finished it, then simply had my heart broken. Seriously. That book was so good I bought an original first edition copy myself along with Fangirl when I got back.

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Review: Mirror’s Edge (video game)

Review: Mirror’s Edge (video game)

Originally written at 11/11/15, PSA: I’m def going to spam this review with COLOURS and nobody can stop me

“We call ourselves Runners. We exist on the edge between the gloss and the reality: the mirror’s edge.”


Since Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be out on May 24th next year, I’ve decided to write a review on the game which caused me to frantically search every game store like a mad dog. I first heard about Mirror’s Edge in a video about top 10 hottest video game gals (seriously don’t judge) and the main character Faith was number 10. It piked my curiosity so I did research and that’s how I found Mirror’s Edge!

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Review: Your Lie in April (anime)

Review: Your Lie in April (anime)

Originally written at 11/11/15

Current mood: Af feels. Shame on you!

《四月は君の嘘》is a sensational piece from 2014 Fall anime, along with Akatsuki no Yona and some others. When I say it’s a sensational piece, I don’t usually watch them *ahemSNKahem* even when the hype is gone. But there’re people out there pestering me to watch it, and it ends with 22 episodes, so I don’t really think it’s a hassle… until when I can’t find time to watch it. When I plan to watch it though, the video format is wrong and keeps crashing my video player (or lag everything ugh) so I had to call my ‘backup’ aka person who pestered me to watch the series for help. And she uploaded the whole 22 episodes for me in a mere hour!

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